Gutter Cleaning

Let the Pros take care of those clogged up gutters

While gutters do an excellent job of collecting and directing water off your roof, they also tend to get blocked with leaves, sticks, bird nests, and other debris causing water to back up in your gutters and onto your roof, potentially causing serious and costly problems.

In the winter months, obstructions in the gutter or downspout can cause water or snow stuck in the gutters to freeze, creating an ice dam.This causes water pooling on your roof and can lead to leaks and potential structural damage. 

Having clean gutters will ensure that you don’t have rainwater seeping into your foundation or around your roofing. This also keeps mosquitoes and other insects breeding around your gutter buildup.


How often do my gutters need cleaning?

We recommend cleaning your gutter two times a year. The first cleaning should be in the spring after the trees have dropped their seeds whereas the second cleaning is recommended in late fall when the leaves are on the ground.

Our Gutter Cleaning Process

  • We used a pressurized gutter ball to clean leaves and debris from gutters
  • Bag all debris
  • Flush all down-spouts with water to verify functionality
  • Conduct a visual inspection of your gutters 
  • Dispose of debris off-site at an appropriate composite facility


We have been cleaning gutters in the Kansas City area for over 19 years

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