Owning a home is one of the biggest decisions we make in life.  And, with home ownership comes the responsibility of home maintenance.  There are many elements of home maintenance, but there is one that people often overlook, roof care.  The roof of your home should be maintained just as you maintain every other aspect of your house.  The reason is to ensure that your roof stays in good shape and to protect it from deterioration.  Have you ever looked up and wondered what those unsightly black roof stains are?  If you have then you found that they are algae.

What Are Black Algae?

In many cases, the black spots and roof stains on someone’s roof will look like mildew or mold.  However, they are in fact black algae.  Black Algae is also known as Gloeocapsa magma. These hard algae will appear on a roof and look like black streaks or black roof stains.  This will happen when the blue-green algae accumulate and leave a hardened stain.

How Does Black Algae Get on A Roof?

The spores of algae are airborne.  This means that they can be transported from the weather conditions and land in different parts of the roof.  Once they are there, they become hard and create stains. These black roof stains quickly become obvious and make your roof look bad. The algae will feed on the limestone in the shingles on your roof.  The algae spores also travel from one person’s roof to another one. This can present a problem for any structure with a roof.  And, it can become a very big problem if not treated quickly and correctly.    

Issues That Black Algae Can Cause

If the problem with black algae roof stains is not dealt with in time, there can be other issues associated with it.  People living in climates with high humidity, will have more problems than people living in other climates.  The possibility for black algae to grow is common anywhere though. That is why it is important that a homeowner deals with their black algae problem sooner than later so that they will not further have problems down in the future.  Here are some of the issues that black algae can cause a homeowner that is experiencing the black spots and streaks on their rooftop:

Algae Can cause Illness

Black algae are unhealthy.  It can cause allergies in people and in many cases, make them very sick.  Since many of the problems are associated to the respiratory system, this can get extremely bad individuals that have allergies or have other respiratory illnesses that leave them more susceptible like asthma.  This can be even worse families that have small children and elderly parents or grandparents.   

Expenses Can Skyrocket

If the problem is not dealt with, it can get worse.  The cost of cleaning your roof vs having to replace it is a large difference on your checkbook.  Taking care of the issue when it is first noticed could potentially save you thousands of dollars.  We suggest having your roof cleaned on a maintenance schedule.  

Appearance and Spreading to Other Homes

As time wears on and if the problem is not dealt with, black algae can take roots and harden.  This will really make the roof look awful and it will become even more difficult to deal with. Since it can travel from roof to roof, it can also be a danger to other people in the vicinity.  That is why it is very important that the problem is dealt with as soon as possible before even worse issues arise from it.

When Should Black Algae Be Removed?

It is important to have the black algae removed as soon as you notice it.  If you wait until it spreads, not only will you have unsightly roof stains, but your roof can start to decay.  Damage and deterioration will happen over time, however, the longer you wait the more damage that can be caused.   

Prevention Measures of Black Algae and Roof Stains

Many homeowners and worry about what to do if they start to find that they have a problem with black algae.  They can do several things that will prevent it and here are 3 of them that they can look into in order to stop the problem before it gets further out of control:

  1. Soft Washing – When a person wants to prevent the black algae roof stains from forming in the first place, soft washing is very effective.  It can be used safely, when performed by a Professional Soft Wash business.  We find that this is the best way to deal with black algae and the unsightly mess that it leaves.
  2. Zinc Strips – One prevention measure to help stop black spots and moss from appearing is installing zinc metal strips at the top of the roof.  They will need to be placed above the areas that algae and moss are prone. When it rains, the zinc will move down the shingles and will help to prevent or lessen algae and moss from forming.
  3. Using Bleach – Some people prefer to use a bleach solution to clean their roof.  However, we suggest taking precautions when doing so as it can be harmful.  It’s important to ensure that you are protecting yourself, the wildlife in the area and the vegetation.  All these things can be negatively affected by what type of bleach solution is used when trying to remove the black algae from the roof.  We suggest always hiring a professional to clean your roof to ensure the safety and health of you and your family.

Don’t Let Black Algae Ruin Your Roof

Black algae look’s terrible and can reduce the life of you roof.  At Ruchstars Soft Wash Pros we believe that professional treatment and removal is essential.  With proper cleaning and care your roof can last for many years to come.  Our professional and skilled team has the experience and knowledge to get the job done right!  Not only will your roof look renewed and beautiful, but you no longer have to worry about the health of your family.

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