Stained exterior walls

Our Expert Soft Washing and Pressure Washing Services

RuchStars Soft Wash Pros specializes in pressure washing services for commercial and residential spaces in Lee's Summit, Missouri and its surrounding areas. Our cleaning services for the roof, siding, wood fencing, and decks include:

Soft Washing

This is a gentle but effective way to remove and sanitize stains that are caused by bacteria, fungi, algae, and moss. This method only uses 1/3 of the water needed in pressure washing and does not use high-pressure, heat, or harsh chemicals.

It is a good alternative for pressure washing and the low-pressure system is gentle enough to not cause any damage to your property while getting the job done. We utilize 100% biodegradable exterior cleaning solutions for this service.


Pressure Washing

We recommend this for an effective, efficient, and affordable cleaning service. This aims to rid surfaces of stains and buildup from dirt and grime. We offer pressure washing services for the following parts of your property:


This service aims to rid your home of any discoloration from black algae, green smudges, and other unpleasant exterior residues. These may occur due to weather, humidity, flora, and other exposures.


This is one of the most essential services where we remove exterior residue that accumulates on the surface of your roof. Algae, moss, mildew, bird droppings, and other buildup can cause damage to your roofing.


The gutter collects and directs water off your roof but they tend to get blocked by leaves, sticks, bird nests, and other debris. During winters, this debris may obstruct the water or snow from flowing down, causing it to freeze and further block your gutters.

This may cause water pooling on your roof and can lead to leaks and potential structural damage. Our gutter cleaning service guarantees the longevity of your property. This also prevents mosquitoes and other insects from breeding around your gutter buildup.

Exterior Window

We use a water-fed pole to ensure excellent and precise results every time. Our team is equipped to service all residential windows including storm windows.

Deck and Fence

This service removes all the dirt and stains that have amassed on the surfaces of your deck and fences. This is a fast and effective way to restore and protect your deck and fences from further damage. We also offer specialized services for the following:

  • Wood Deck Pressure Wash and Staining
  • Fence Pressure Wash and Staining
  • Gazebos Pressure Wash and Staining
  • Composite Deck cleaning
  • Pergola Pressure Wash and staining

Concrete Cleaning and Sealing

Adding a sealer to your concrete patio or walkway preserves its look and increases longevity, especially during winter. This treatment also prevents water from absorbing into the concrete by beading it on the surface.

The surface of the substrate must be cleaned before a concrete sealer of any variety is applied. The easiest and most effective way to clean the concrete will vary depending on the condition of your concrete and whether it has been treated with chemical stains.

Choose RuchStars Soft Wash Pros to ensure your concrete is properly sealed. We are partnered with Texas-based NanoSeal and certified to apply its technology sealant.

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